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Become a culturally responsive tefl teacher with American English TEFL 

I took everything that I learned teaching in public schools, private schools, after-school programs, and through private tutoring in Europe and the USA over the past 6 years and compiled it into culturally responsive teaching strategies. The same strategies that I used in my classroom to take my ESL students from a class average of 45% to 70% within 3 months on the district's English language arts standardized test. I will share the techniques that I learned studying under expert teachers in Europe that helped my adult ESL learners achieve fluency and how to deliver quality lessons that meet the high expectations of private schools.

I share all of these strategies with you through a culturally responsive lens. As the world becomes more globalized the ability to connect with students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds will continue to be in demand. 

At American English TEFL, it is our goal to create culturally competent tefl teachers to eradicate outdated and discriminatory language teaching practices.

This is a social movement.

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Learn the exact tools and strategies that I use to bring culturally responsive teaching into my classroom and support my students in reaching their English Langauge goals!

Do you....

Love language, culture, and traveling?

Need a way to support yourself while traveling?

Enjoy being a part of cosmopolitan multicultural communities?

Want a job that has a purpose? 

Want to make a difference?


If you answered yes to the questions above then the American English TEFL's culturally responsive tefl certification program is the right for you!

Getting TEFL Certified

"Knowing English and teaching skills are two different skill sets. "

The job of a TEFL teacher is to help their students develop their English language skills in 4 domains: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Many people believe that it is enough to be able to speak the language in order to teach it, however, being knowledgeable in a subject does not necessarily translate into being skilled in teaching it.


Teaching is a separate skill-set from having English language content knowledge. For example, you may have had a math teacher who was really good at math, but not great at teaching it, and therefore you didn't learn much from him, and probably became convinced you were bad at math, only to later find an excellent math teacher who explains the concepts so well that you're suddenly solving math problems that you never dreamed of being able to solve. That is because the former math teacher may have had great math content knowledge, but perhaps needed support in the teaching skills domain, while the latter not only had math content knowledge but excellent teaching skills as well. 


Whether it is your goal to teach English in the USA, another country, or online globally, it is a great idea to get some form of teacher training. Due to an increase in interest in teaching abroad, many employers require their English language teachers to have at minimum a Tefl certification. If you are a paraprofessional who works with English learner populations, having a Tefl certification can set you apart from other job seekers, allow you to negotiate a higher salary, and prepare you for the demographic that you are working with. Whether you aren't ready or able to commit to the financial cost and years of education necessary to obtain a University degree in teaching or are a teacher looking for strategies to support your English learner students, obtaining a Tefl certification offers an affordable way to obtain the foundation of a culturally responsive English language teacher. 


No matter what your reasons are for getting into ESL teaching, American English TEFL is a great way to show employers and potential clients that you've got the skills you will need to help your students reach their English language goals. 


How is American English TEFL Certification different from others?

What sets American English TEFL apart from other Tefl certifications is the emphasis placed on culturally responsive teaching. It is our mission to change negative perceptions of language variety globally in order to combat linguistic discrimination. Through our advocacy, we seek to improve job opportunities for non-native speaking ESL teachers and help English learners gain confidence in their English skills. In this course, you will be taught how to use social-emotional learning to develop culturally responsive teaching strategies and practices bringing equity into your classroom.

Tefl Certification Course

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Discover the strategies and knowledge I gained to advocate for myself in order to secure career opportunities and to help other non-standard/non-native English speakers do the same.

This program gives you the knowledge you need to help your students gain confidence in your English language abilities.

Plus, it includes a practicum teaching in American schools with ESL populations to ensure you get the experience and practice you need to become a knowledgable Tefl teacher.  

Through this course, you will learn to see language and culture in the way that I have learned to see it after 6 years of working in international/multicultural environments and bring that awareness into your own classroom to coach your linguistically diverse students to success.

Using these strategies I've been able to:

Accomplish my dream of living in a foreign country.

Advocate for my dialectical language usage in the classroom.

Make friends from all over the world, from different cultures and languages.

Create a classroom environment that is a safe space for students of linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. 

Are you ready to begin your career teaching English as a second language?
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